Trello : Automate your Cards and Lists

As the popularity of Trello as a management tools, we need to explore and maximize its features. One of important and useful feature in Trello is called Butler, where we can automate action based on triggers.

Basically, there are four types of action provided by Butler:

  • Rules
  • Card Button
  • Board Button
  • Calendar
  • Due Dates

We will discuss first type, Rules, which is a general automation schema based on a trigger to execute a certain command.

To create a Rules, first we define a Trigger, an event that caused a command to execute.

Let’s try first type of trigger : Card Move. Let’s say we want an action to be executed when a new card is added to the list. So we choose the type as shown in above picture. The result is shown below:

Next, we define an action, let’s say we want to put a label when a new card added.

Finally, we will have like this for example:

The rules will be automatically enabled on the board where we create the rules. Later, we can also enable this Rules on other boards, but carefully check if the trigger and command can be applied on the new board.

Now, every time a new card added to the list, there will a new label or a new name on the card.



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